Tana River Primate Reserve

The primate reserve is located 350km east of Nairobi and 240km north of Mombasa in Tana River district of coast province. The ecosystem consists of riparian forests, dry woodlands and savannah habitats on the east and west of the lower Tana River. The reserve was established to protect the Tana riverine forest and the two endangered primates, Mangabey and the red colobus monkey. The two primate species are the major wildlife attraction in the reserve.

The ecosystem is also a stronghold for birdlife with over 200 species recorded in the area.  These include the White-winged Apalis, African Open-bill Stork, Martial Eagle, Bat Hawk, African Pygmy-falcon, African Barred Owlet, Scaly Babbler, Black-bellied Glossy-starling, and the Golden Pipit.


By plane through Malindi or Mombasa airports.

By Roads: The reserve is accessible via the Malindi - Garissa road. Located 250km north of Mombassa on the Malindi to Garissa road.Access through Malindi.


6 km2

350km east of Nairobi and 240km north of Mombasa


The climate is generally hot and dry.


River Tana

The Tana River Primate National Reserve is a mixture of savannah and riverine forest

Game viewing

Bird watching

Endangered primates watching


Grevy's zebra, the Maasai and Reticulated giraffe. Oryx, buffalo and the lesser kudu. The river hosts plenty of crocodile and hippo, and the variety of water birds is not to be missed. Endemic red colubus and Mangabey monkeys are found here.


There is Currently no accommodation in the reserve. There are lots of accommodation facilities along this coast to suit all budget levels


Bird Watching

Primates watching

Walking Trails

Game viewing

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