Kakamega Forest National Reserve

The Kakamega Forest National Reserve is situated in the Lake Victoria basin, about 50km north of Kisumu city. Being the only remnant in Kenya of the unique Guineo-Congolian forest ecosystem, the park offers unique wildlife and scenic beauty. For bird and butterfly watchers, this is the place to visit.  The forest is home to over 400 species of butterflies, about 300 bird species and 27 species of snakes. The park also supports more than 350 species of trees and 7 primate species including the endangered DeBrazza monkey, black and white colobus monkey and vervet monkey. The Potto (the world's slowest mammal on earth), duikers and Dik diks are also found in Kakamega Forest National Reserve.


By Road: The reserve is 415km away from Nairobi via Nakuru and Kapsabet towns.

By Air: There are no scheduled flights to Kakamega and visitors have to fly to Kisumu or Eldoret and connect to Kakamega by road.


44 Km2.

Western Province


Temperature ranges from 20-30 c and rainfall from 200mm – 700 mm

Two rain seasons: Long rains – March & April & short rains – Nov/ December


Entry is by Cash only. Cash Receipts can be bought at the Kakamega Forest National Reserve main gate or KWS Hqs Nairobi Cash office. Proof of identification will be required.

Citizens – Valid Passport or National ID

Residents – Valid Passport & re entry pass


Birdwatching: Over 300 bird species,

Butterfly watching: over 400 species of butterflies

Massive Trees, Scenic Spots and Waterfalls: Over 350 species of trees, the forest holds mostly indigenous vegetation.

Snakes: 27 species of snakes, ,

Primates Watching: Home to Debrazza monkey and other primates.


Wildlife: Bush Pig, Duikers, Bushbuck, Clawless Otter, Mongoose, Giant Water Shrew, Squirrels, Tree Pangolin, Porcupine, Bats and Primates.

Birds: 330 species of which some are found nowhere else in the country. The common one being the Blue turaco.


In - Park Accommodation

There is no lodge in the park at the moment.

KWS Self – Catering Accommodation:

Udo Bandas can accommodate upto 14 pax

Isukuti Guest House

Camping Facilities

Various Campsites located in the Park


Forest Walking



Primate Watching

Bird and Butterfly Watching

Game watching

Self-Guided nature walks

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