On this morning, we will pick you up from your residence and depart on an amazing weekend getaway to a little cottage tucked away in Naivasha. A little place to get away from the bustle of the city. The cottage opens up to beautiful views of the little known Lake Oloidien that rivals the other Great Rift valley lakes in bird life numbers; specifically, flamingo population.

Enjoy a visit to the Hell's Gate national park famous for its natural geysers, star rock towers and geothermal steam that make it one of the most atmospheric parks in Africa.

This park was named for its pair of massive red tinged cliffs framing a geothermic active interior of steam vents and bubbling springs. This is the only park where you can walk or cycle through as you view animals.

Dinner and overnight will be at the Ol Joto Cottages.


Wake up to the sounds of nature; birds chirping and the hippos as they make their way back into the waters; to beautiful gazelles grazing right outside your cottage. Wake up to a breakfast skillfully prepare d by your chef and enjoy the morning at your leisure savouring your cottage beforeit's time to leave.

On the drive out, you will catch glimpses of the animals that reside within the milieu where the cottage is found. Giraffes and Zebras graze unperturbed and you are likely to view warthogs as well.

You have the option of enjoying a boat ride on this day. The boat ride takes you closer to the hippos that call the waters of the small lake home and you can view the birds that reside on the banks of the water. On the shores, you are also likely to catch giraffes gracefully walking by or enjoying a meal.

Embark on your journey to Nairobi where the getaway ends.


2 People, KES. 13,300 PER PERSON.

4 People, KES. 9,950 PER PERSON

6 People, KES. 7,800 PER PERSON

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