Masai Mara - Lake Naivasha - Lake Nakuru - Baringo - Bogoria - Amboseli - Tsavo

Masai Mara - Lake Naivasha - Lake Nakuru - Baringo - Bogoria - Amboseli - Tsavo.

9 Days.

Day 1.
Leave Nairobi for Masai Mara National Reserve ,Kenya's finest game sanctuary.A picnic lunch will be served enroute.We shall arrive in time for an evening game drive. 
Dinner will be served at our area of accommodation.

Day 2
The entire will be spent in Masai Mara.There will be 2 Game drives for the day,an early morning and late afternoon Game drive.All the meals will be served at our respective places of accommodation.
Among the highlights of this Game Reserve include predators like the Lion,Leopard,Cheetah among others.Elephants are also easy to come by and once in a while a Rhino or two can be seen lazying about.
The Mara river is well known for it's hippos and crocodiles.Here ,you are allowed to get off the car and go nearer the river bank for a closer look.The scenery here is really magnificent. 
Apart from the wide collection of animals,the Mara landscape is really breathtaking.
One thing about Kenyan reserves is that there landscapes are all different and Mara's is undoubtedly one of the best.Later on in the evening,a visit to a a Masai village can be arranged where you get a chance to meet the village chief if he isn't too busy.
Dinner and overnight will be at the same place of accommodation.

Day 3.
Leave the Masai Mara and head for Lake Nakuru National Park where we shall spend the night at the Lake Nakuru Lodge.Dinner will be served here.

Day 4
We shall visit the Lakes Baringo and Bogoria on this day.
Lake Baringo has dozens of hippos and crocodiles that are considered harmless by the locals who fish next to them.You will be probably be more entranced by the multitude of birds.
Bird watching is done either by foot or by boat.Other activities around include fishing,a visit t the Njemps village where traditional crafts and dancing are enjoyed.
Lake Bogoria nearby has a spectacle of flamingoes and other bird species.Game is far from plentiful around here but this is the most probable place to photograph the greater Kudu. 
We shall spend the night again at the Lake Nakuru Lodge.

Day 5 & 6.
After breakfast,we shall have a morning game drive around Lake Nakuru National Park where Lake Nakuru is found.This Lake is a bird watcher's paradise with over 400 resident species of birds and the famous flamingoes that flock the Lake in millions.Wildlife here includes
Rhino,Leopard,lion,waterbuck just to name a few.
we shall then leave for the Amboseli National Park which lies at the foot of the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro.The snows of Kilimanjaro,white and crystalline form a majestic backdrop to one of Kenya's finest wildlife collections;the lion,Elephant,leopard,cheetah,Rhino,buffalo and hosts of plain's game. 
Meals will be at the chosen of accommodation. 

Day 7 & 8.
After a morning Game drive,we shall leave the Amboseli and head for Tsavo West.
Chief among the marvels of this Park is the Mzima springs which forms a haven for rich wildlife pagent with elephants soaking half immersed in the waters,the hippos,crocodiles basking on the banks and through the acacia and raffia palms you can see chattering monkeys and birds.
Apart from elephants,there are many lions undoubtedly the descendants of the famous man-eaters of Tsavo.The next day will be spent in Tsavo east.
One of the main attractions here is the Yatta plateau,one of the world's longest lava flow.

Day 9
After a morning game drive around Tsavo east and west,we shall leave for Nairobi or catch a bus to Mombasa.


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