Masai Mara - Lake Nakuru - Lake Bogoria, Baringo & Aberdare

Masai Mara - Lake Nakuru - Lake Bogoria, Baringo & Aberdare.

We shall leave Nairobi and head for the Masai Mara National reserve, stopping for a picnic lunch enroute.
We shall arrive in time for an evening game drive before retiring for the night.

The second day will be a full day game viewing with picnic lunch during the tour drive.Masai Mara is an outstanding reserve with abundant wildlife and the gentle rolling grasslands ensure the animals are never out of sight.
The climate is gentle , rarely too hot and well spread rainfall throughout the year. 
The first sight of this natural wonderland is mind blowing. Here the great herds of shuffling elephants browse the rich tree studded grasslands, with an occasional sighting of a solitary and ill-tempered rhino.The Thompson's and gant's gazelles, topi, eland and many more species of the plain's game offer a rich variety of food for the dominant predators here i.e. the lion, the leopard, the cheetah and many more. 
You will not miss a hippo submerged in the Mara river or the seemingly drowsy crocodile waiting for it's prey. 
The following day will also be spent in the Mara but with a lunch break.

We shall leave the Mara and head for Lake Baringo where we shall spend the night.Lake Baringo lies in the solitude of the semi-desert,a haven of peace and beauty in harsh, rugged but majestic surroundings.The hippo and the crocodile are plentiful and are considered harmless by the locals who fish next to them. 
But visitors are more entranced by the multitude of birds. Birdwatching on foot or by boat is only one of the several leisure activities. Others include, fishing, water sports or a visit to the Njemp village where traditional crafts and activities are enjoyed.

We shall leave Baringo for Lake Bogoria National Reserve nearby. The spectacle of flamingoes and other birds abound the lake is a sublime of magnificence. 
Game is far from plentiful bit this is the most likely place to photograph the greater Kudu.
After spending the day here with a picnic lunch, we shall leave and head for Lake Nakuru National park, commonly referred to as the "pink lake". 
It is world famous as the location of the pink flamingoes which flock the lake in millions, It also the home of a variety of wildlife. 
We shall spend the night here.

After a morning game drive, we shall leave for the Aberdares for an overnight stay at the luxurious Ark tree top lodge situated in the lush forest of the Aberdares. 
The Aberdares is a mountain range rich in wild life- the elephant, the rhino, the warthog, the bushpig, the duiker, the sunio, the dikdik, the sykes monkey, the colombus monkey etc. 
The Carnivores are represented by the lion, usually more hairy and spotted than in the plains, the leopard,and the birds are not only plentiful but dazzling.

We shall leave the Aberdares for Nairobi after a morning game drive


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